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The NASA John H. Glenn Research Center is located on Lewis Field, within the cities of Brook Park and Cleveland between Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and the Cleveland Metroparks's Rocky River Reservation. The center has a subsidiary facility in Sandusky, Ohio.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Glenn Research Center (GRC) currently has four contracts in place to develop dynamic conversion technologies that could be used in a future spaceflight Radioisotope Power System. A Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) is scheduled for May 8 and May 9 at the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), 22800 Cedar Point Road, Brookpark, OH 44142. NASA intends to use this meeting to communicate progress on the Dynamic Power Convertor (DPC) technology contracts, and foster dialogue with industry regarding the government technology investments and potential plans forward. NASA will not pay for participation, the provision of any information received, nor will it compensate any participants for the development of any such information.


The Radioisotope Power System Program (RPSP) under the Planetary Science Division (PSD) within the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been investing in Dynamic Power Convertor (DPC) technology options that could be utilized in a highly robust and reliable 200 to 500-WeDynamic RPS (DRPS) for solar system exploration. This work is being executed in partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE). The DPC contracts are intended to result in robust and reliable dynamic convertor designs that deliver high efficiency, low mass, simple operation and long maintenance-free life for deep-space missions lasting 10 years or more. These technologies are intended to be integrated into a potential DRPS. NASA’s goal is to utilize DRPS for planetary science missions. To that end, NASA needs to understand the capability of these dynamic convertors for use in potential future flight system configurations capable of dependable long-life operations. Future goals may also include human spaceflight applications.

TIM Purpose:

Input is requested from organizations, industry suppliers and manufacturers that have experience in designing, building and operating RPS, and/or sources that may seek to utilize RPS. To that end, a Dynamic Power Convertor technology devices for Space Power Generation Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) is planned for May 8 and 9, 2018. The meeting will be held at Ohio Aerospace Institute located at 22800 Cedar Point Road in Cleveland, Ohio. The agenda for this meeting will include a short review of Government plans, briefings on each of the contracted DPC designs, and time for one-on-one discussions with the RPS Program representatives.

The purpose of the information collected in the one-on-one discussions is to gain industry insight into system level strengths and weaknesses of the convertor technologies, and driving system requirements that could benefit the development of potential government plans for a DRPS. The data collected during the TIM is solely for information and potential planning purposes and does not constitute a solicitation. The specific information provided in the one-on-one meetings will not be made public in an effort to protect any propriety company information. If one-on-one time is desired but not available, a follow-on telecom opportunity will be made available. The government will also accept written input if preferred by the source. Participation in the TIM does not constitute a commitment, implied or otherwise, that NASA or the Government will take procurement action in this matter, nor does it prohibit the Government from taking action. Further, neither NASA nor the U.S. Government will be responsible for any costs incurred in furnishing this information. Respondents are solely responsible for all expenses associated with attending the TIM. Attendance and contact information will be provided to all participants to facilitate separate future industry dialogue.

If you have any Technical questions, please contact Salvatore M. Oriti, at (216) 433-2066,

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