The latest in JPL's series of historical documentaries, "Triumph at Saturn" chronicles the story of NASA’s Cassini mission.

These films use rare archival footage and interviews with pioneering engineers and scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in retelling of humanity’s first steps into the cosmos.

Triumph at Saturn (Part I)

- Premiered Oct. 15, 2021

Triumph at Saturn (Part II)

- Premiered Oct. 22, 2021

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is widely known for its trailblazing role in space exploration. As one JPL veteran put it, “You only get to explore the solar system for the first time once, and we did a lot of it.” And now, many of these adventures can be relived again in this series of documentaries: JPL and the Space Age that uses rare archival footage and interviews with many of JPL’s pioneering engineers and scientists in the retelling of many of humanity’s first steps out into the cosmos.

Each episode of JPL and the Space Age was written, produced and directed by JPL Fellow and national Emmy Award-winning documentarian Blaine Baggett.

Triumph at Saturn (Part I) is Episode 13 in the documentary series JPL and the Space Age. Triumph at Saturn (Part II) is Episode 14 in the documentary series.

The other films in the series are available on the JPL website.



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