The Radioisotope Power System Dose Estimation Tool (RPS-DET) is a software application created to simplify the process of designing, simulating, and analyzing ionizing radiation phenomena associated with RPS. RPS-DET leverages the SCALE nuclear software suite as a foundation for Monte Carlo particle transport, isotopic decay, source term generation, and data visualization. Users with or without radiation modeling experience can now use RPS-DET’s customizable, library-based architecture to select from multiple prewritten RPS designs and components, place them in various environmental scenarios — terrestrial, planetary, spacecraft, etc. — and specify fuel compositions and ages. The simulations can be used to estimate 3D instantaneous particle fluxes and dose rates or time-integrated fluences and doses generated by an RPS over a complex mission lifetime. Detailed information regarding RPS-DET and SCALE capabilities, applications, and resources can be found at the links below.

RPS-DET graphical user interface (GUI)
Example RPS-DET geometry
Example RPS-DET geometry
Example RPS-DET results
Example RPS-DET results

Additional Requirements:

  • U.S. Citizenship (Non-U.S. Citizens are not permitted to access this software)
  • Demonstrate valid need for tool

To be considered for approval, applicants must complete and return this form to:


DET form
RPS Dose Estimation Tool Access Request and Usage Agreement Form. This form shall be filled out by an individual requesting access to the RPS-Dose Estimation Tool. Completion of this form will initiate the applicant review process, which determines whether the applicant meets the access requirements.

Reference Information:

For more information, please email NASA-RPS@mail.nasa.gov or rpsdethelp@ornl.gov.

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