Ibn Danish Rabbani Basri

Year: 2015-2016

School: SDN Pondok Labu 11 Pagi

Teacher: Hj.Siti Kadarwati.S,Pd,SD

City: South Jakarta

Target: Rings and Moons

Humans, tend to have interests on new ideas, exploring new characters of planets and moons, and like to know whether extraterrestrial life really exist, besides gaining new knowledge of the universe. We are aware that technology have entered a more advanced eras, where people set off spacecraft to study planets and moons leading to amazing discoveries that could help lives on Earth.

The Saturnian system is a beautiful and complex planetary system. It is made up of Saturn and its 62 moons. The moons vary by size from the tiny until the gigantic one. The most beautiful feature of this system is Saturn's ring. This ring is composed mainly of ice-water fragments. So far, 62 moons have been discovered orbiting the planet. The largest is Titan which are larger than the planet Mercury. The rest of the moons are much smaller.

I'm amazed that a moon covered with ice, sprayed liquid salty water from beneath its surface. Enceladus one of Saturn's sixty-two moons, have water and ice particles sprayed out from beneath the surface, and it haven't stop until now. I just wondering how many water is down there. The form of water that supports life is liquid and the water there is liquid, salty water which may host microbial life which is the most amazing discoveries ever to found an extraterrestrial life. I hope the images from Cassini could help scientist describe how do Enceladus sprayed the water and ice. I hope we can also learn the material and inside of Saturn's moon Tethys. From its highly reflective surface, Tethys is covered by water-ice and it is quite interesting because it may host life for some small creatures such as microbial life. And Cassini could also observe Tethys' red streak that haven't been discovered what causes it. I also hoped that images from Cassini could give some information of the formation of Herschel's Crater on Mimas' surface.

Enceladus spray water and ice particles which form the E ring, and we can know that the E ring should be quite new. So I hope that Cassini will discover where the rest of the ring comes from, if we know that, we should know how old it is. Observing the ring from a close distance have high risk of being struck by rocks and ice from Saturn's ring, so it's safer to observe Saturn's ring from a distance while also discovering the moons. This way it is safer to observe Saturn's rings, Tethys, Enceladus and Mimas.

And if extraterrestrial life we're found, it will be the best and amazing discovery made by NASA, and human will send more spacecraft to observe them. I hope it's useful for humans, such as a microbe that kills other bad microbes. This surely made a better future for mankind. Numerous feature of Saturn, Tethys, Enceladus and Mimas' still remain as a deep mystery mankind needs to discover, the Cassini spacecraft could reveal some of the mysteries that was hidden for years.

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