Maya Amber El Haddioui

Year: 2015-2016

Age: 10

School: Bulles d'éveil

City: Casablanca

Target: Rings and Moons

"I think we should choose Target 1. This image shows where the three moons are positioned. I think it is important for us to point out the fact that Tethys is made of water ice and a small fraction of rock. Tethys, itself was discovered by G.D. Cassini.

Another reason why like Target 1 is because it includes Enceladus. This moon is 500 km in diameter. That is huge! This moon is also made of fresh clean ice. At noon, the temperature can go up to 198°C. I wouldn't like to be there! This moon has been discovered by William Hercshel, though when Cassini started multiple flybys the company was revealing the surface in greater details.

I think Mimas is the moon I like the least, it is the least interesting one. This moon is also known as SATURN 1. It is 396 km in diameter. It was discover by Herschel, too.

And last but not least there are Saturn's rings. We all know they are made of dust rock, and ice particles.
Target one also gives us the opportunity to see all three moons unlike the other targets; we can also try placing all the other 59 moons. According to this picture, Enceladus and Mimas seem so close. It would be great to find whether it is the case or not. On the first target there is more information than on any other images, so there is more to research on.

I wonder why two of the moons are situated beneath the ring. This photograph can also tell us the actual distance from Saturn and its moons; we all know that Saturn is the 6th planet away from the sun, but we do not know how far Enceladus, Mimas and Tethys are away from the sun. I think we might discover if there could be any more planets around the moons. We can also see how big the ring is, observe different phases of the moon and check if they are the same as our moon.
We can find out if the moons take more or less than 28 days to turn around Saturn (like our moon does). We know that Saturn is a gas planet but what about Enceladus, Mimas and Tethys? It would be good to know if they are made of ice, gas or even something more exiting!

Please, please, please choose Target one. I really need answers to my questions. And who knows, some of them might be useful for scientists and they could help them."

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