Cagla Cinar

Year: 2015-2016

School: Darussafaka High School

Grade: 10

Teacher: Aynur Karabulut

City: Maslak - Istanbul

Target: Rhea and Tethys

"Although research has been made about Rhea, there is a lot we don't know about it. We have may questions which we still do not know the answers. I think Cassini's cameras should be pointed at Rhea.

There were some claims that Rhea has ring. During a 2005 flyby of Rhea, carged-particle detectors aboard the Cassini spacecraft recorded sharp drops in measured electrons, symmetric about the moon, which have been interpreted as the signatures of three narrow rings. Planetary scientist Geraint Jones said: " we can't say definitely that there are rings surrounding Rhea." "But the data we have are a real puzzle, and the only reasonable explanation we've been able to come up with is the derbis disk proposal."

However analysis of images taken by Cassini between 2008 and 2009 failed to turn up any evidence for rings around Rhea. The pictures showed nothing illuminated around Rhea, disproving the ring hypothesis.

I think when they announced that Rhea may have rings, it had rings . It is possible because they found jupiter's rings with this same method. If broken pieces of ice from Enceladus can be moved to Saturn's E ring with gravitational force of Saturn, Rhea's ring may moved to one of the Saturn's ring too. If it had ring in that time, that ring may have occured as a result of the impact of an asteroid. And if that is true , the formation of life may have begun with that asteroid like the theory for the how life began on Earth.

For me target 3 yields the best scientific result because we can find the answer to theis there life began on Rhea question."

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