Year: 2015-2016

School: Istek Atanur Oguz Anatolia High School

Grade: 10

Teacher: Tamer Çiftçi

City: Be ikta - Istanbul

Target: Rings and Moons

"As a person who loves science,I'm really interested in Astronomy and our Solar System. And when I was given the opportunity to join the 'Cassini Scientist for a Day' essay,I immediately took the chance. Out of the three subjects (Jupiter, Rhea-Tethys, The Rings and Moons of Saturn) I chose Saturn's rings and moons Tethys,Enceladus and Mimas. Not only was I interested in Saturn but I have also never researched much about Saturn.

I have heard that the surface and the atmosphere of Saturn is much different from the surface and atmosphere of its moons. This got me to research, and after my research I thought that; If Saturn,its moons and its rings were exposed to the same conditions of creation, why are they so different? While Tethys,Enceladus,Mimas and it's rings have a surface of water of ice why does Saturn have a mostly gasious surface? And has I dug deeper I started to think that are the origins of Saturn,it's moons and it's rings different from what we know.Because when we look at the facts, we haven't sent a drone to research Saturn,it's moons or it's rings. We only have taken photos for the Hubble or other space drones such as Cassini.

Also the universe is REALLY OLD. Saturn, its moons and rings could have come from anywhere for all we know. I guess this hypothesis shows that there is more than meets the eye.

As for the other subjects(Jupiter, Rhea-Tethys),I really think we won't go any further from what we already know now. If we research Jupiter we most likely will not find something new or revolutionary. We would most likely find something that would we be added to the properties of Jupiter.

As for Rhea-Tethys,they are like sisters planets(moons). Both have a surface of water-ice,Both are thought to have a solid core and thats about it. And in addition we already know what we need to know about Jupiter and Rhea. We know both of their Gravitational Forces, Atmospheric Pressures and Properties, Surface Materials and the Surface Topographies. So,there isn't much more to learn from Jupiter and/or Rhea.

In conclusion,to improve or to maybe discover something new we should research Saturn,it's rings and it's moons. Because I believe that Saturn has a secrets that it doesn't want to tell us. And we should unearth that secret."

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