Nebula Masters

Grade: 6 and 7

City: Maracaibo

Teachers: Nelson Portillo, Ramon Azuaje

Target: Rhea and Tethys

Team members:

Carlota Suarez (team Leader) Colegio Altamira
Fernando Novoa liceo Los Robles
Albenis Salas Liceo Los Robles
Juan Reyes Liceo Los Robles
Fernan Chacon Liceo Los Robles
Salomon Galiz Liceo Los Robles
Jorge Cardenas Liceo Los Robles
Joaquin Cardenas Liceo Los Robles
Rafael Atencio Liceo Los Robles
Juan Diego Contreras Liceo Los Robles

"We chose Rhea and Tethys target 3 because we find that in the case of Rhea,Saturns second largest moon, with an amazon diameter and the fact that one hemisphere always faces Saturn.

It's hot in the side facing the Sun (174 degrees and minus 364 in shaded areas). These phenomenon really draws my attention I find it exclusively unique in this mini solar system", also it has a high reflection area suggesting lots of ice, so these facts drive us nuts! Wow, whats going on in this moon?? Are there any other unusual phenomena going on there? When Voyagers 1 and 2 pictured Rhea they observed that one area had craters 40 km wide on average ,and the other area had craters with less than 40 km diameter! these according to Nasa, JPL indicates that at some time, some type of resurfacing event took place there!* was it recent we ask ?' will it repeat? When? Also we observed at the pictures on JPL's website that Rhea has wispy lines, and Cassini spacecraft later on demonstrated that there are subsidence fractures, with canyons ,some of them several hundred meters high!!

We ask again: whats going on there? The walls are bright, darker material covers them. From where does these materials come from? Are these processes still on the move. We sincerely urge that target 3 should be the primordial objective,We think Rhea, and Tethys on the same frame, could provide some answers to these processes!! Are they interacting gravitationally or chemically??

We say lets give it a "go" to target 3."

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