Team: Volcano Busters

Year: 2016-17

Grade: 7-8

City: Maracaibo

Target: Enceladus' Plumes

Team Members:

Jose Roberto, Alvarez M       Liceo los Robles - Maracaibo
Jorge Enrique, Cardenas       Liceo Los Robles - Maracaibo
Joaquin, Cardenas       Liceo los Robles - Maracaibo
Daniel, Saab       Liceo Los Robles - Maracaibo
Freddy, Giraldo       La Villa - Del Rosario
Nay Ciray, Valbuena       El Prado - La Concepcion

"We choose to photograph Enceladus, because we think its without doubt a very special moon, with most unusual geographical features and structures, and as we appreciate in JPL's videos and simulations, it must have tremendous cliffs and gorges, but what catches our attention most is the possibility of having hidden lakes. Obviously they cannot surface because they would freeze, but we think that by photographing the surrounding areas near the famous "tiger stripes" and comparing then with thermal emission observations, perhaps some type of "silhouette" could appear around the "tiger stripes."

It must be considered as we read in the JPL articles by the scientists Preston Dyches and Donna Weaver, that there is a great interaction with other gases and chemical compounds such as salts, methane and ammonia, that vary according to pressure, volume and temperature (thermodynamics), of fluid mobility. The surface temperature of Enceladus is very low, receives very little sunlight, but by contrast, and according to JPL articles there is an inner heat source, very strong that combining with all these factors provoke those formidable geysers, and hopefully inner lakes and oceans. That's why we want to photograph Enceladus."

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