Team: The Mountain Chiefs

Year: 2016-17

Grade: 9-12

Cities: Caracas

Teacher: Richard Marquez

Target: Enceladus' Plumes

Team Members:

Jorluis Jose Ochoa (team leader) La Caridad - San Sebastian Los Reyes, Aragua
Naicker Estiven Savedra    
Agustin Aveledo - La Pastora, Caracas
Dixon Anthony,Cubillan    
Monsignor Lucas Guillermo Castillo - Baruta, Miranda
Jose Antonio Morgado    
Andres Rodriguez Ramirez - San Sebastian Los Reyes, Aragua
Kevin Gonzalez    
Cecilio Acosta - Charallave, Miranda
Kevin Cubillan    
Agustin Aveledo - Caracas
Rafael,Villaroel La Caridad - San Sebastian Los Reyes, Aragua
Joiner,Rovario Saavedra    
Liceo Eliseo Acosta - San Sebastian Los Reyes, Aragua
Meivi Taniuska Alcantara  
Abilio Reyes Ochoa - La Mata, Miranda

"After months of reading JPL articles and studying its videos we observed that the researches published in previous years by various scientific works and after comparing different data provided by probes in this case Voyager and Cassini according to the images provided, that the eruption plumes discovered in Enceladus are a magnificent contribution to understanding the interaction between orbits and gravitational tides.

Amazingly these ejections in the form of geysers are of main importance to the particles supply of the rings of Saturn, so this phenomena raises a question: would that also help to understand all its vicinity of celestial bodies near this mechanism of ejection so peculiar? We have to keep in mind that these chemical compounds present and expelled from it are to interact forming chains and molecular reactions that the human being can not even imagine, but we are sure that they usually happen every moment.

We base our question, and decision to choose to photograph objective 1, Enceladus, based on the scientific results of the research conducted by Sarah Hörst of the University of Arizona, which studies primitive atmospheres and oceans of our planet Earth. Is that happening there, as it was published On December 30, 2010?"

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