Team: The Cave Explorers

Year: 2016-17

Grade: 9-12

City: Maracaibo

Teachers: Richard Marquez, Dacio Medrano, Miguel Hernandez, Julio Bermudez, and Jesus Perozo

Target: Titan's Lakes

Team Members:

Tania Margarita Zerpa         ABILIO REYES OCHOA, La Mata, Miranda
Luis Gutierrez         ROMULO GALLEGOS, St. Juan de Morros, Guarico
Esckenyerlin Valle Olivo         CARABOBO, Valencia, Carabobo
Examar Vanesa Mujica         SIMON RODRIGUEZ, St. Juan de Morros, Guarico
Yennifer,Gonzales (team leader)         TEQUES CECILIO ACOSTA, Caracas, D.F.
Genesis Virmary Hernadez         POLITECNICA DE F.A.N., Maracay, Aragua
Victor Arturo Martinez         LUIS CABALLERO MEJIAS, Caracas D.F
Lilibeth Andreina, Garcia         CAGUA MERCADEO, Cagua, Aragua
Jesus Velazques Serrano         RICARDO MARQUEZ MORENO, Nueva Esparta
Roberto,Fernandez (team leder)         LICEO LOS ROBLES, Maracaibo
Juan Indriago         LICEO LOS ROBLES, Maracaibo
Adriana Matos         ALTAMIRA, Maracaibo
Alexander Ocando     LICEO LOS ROBLES, Maracaibo
Aria Matos (team leader)         ALTAMIRA, Maracaibo
Kimberly Rodriguez         ALTAMIRA, Maracaibo

"Our team chose Objective 2: Because Titan is for our planet a real mirror of further exploration and expansion of technology for future energy production, as our energy reservoirs are going to be depleted. It is in space that we will find the answers and results to continue supplying the energy and resources that advances our civilization.

This is why lakes and seas, as (Jingpo Lacus, Mackay Lacus, Kivus Lacus) (Krake Mare, Ligeria Mare, Aunga Mare); Which comply with the hydrological cycle similar to on our planet, are full of that energy source enriching as is the methane in the form of liquid! Very costly to produce in our planet,but a very cheap and easy resource to obtain for us in Titan at low cost, it is clear that its transportation from Titan's lakes and rivers to processing installations would be the most expensive issue. It's important to emphasize that we must go much deeper investigating into these lakes and seas, because we still don't know its density!! Is it a sticky goo?

Or very light and clear as in a cigarette lighter? Besides, is it certain that there is life in another form (Astrobiology), which we must keep in mind? Also we think more photographic research should be made into the processes of condensation cycles (Thermodynamic Processes), Cartographic Mapping (Planetary Geophysics) and Geological (Planetary Mineralogy), with the purpose of obtaining the greatest possible amount of information to accumulate and divulge data obtained to the scientific community,to be of great Contribution for researchers and missions in search of sources of energy, life and expansion of humans in the universe.

It is noteworthy that the large fluid basins present on Titan captivate many scientists and energy producers as confirmed in a press release in 2008 and December 18, 2009. So like our Moon, Titan is a Source possessor of energy supply that mankind needs to project itself for years to come."

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