Year: 2018-19

Murtaza Ghazi

Grade: 10

Target: Titan

Water is considered as essential part of human life. Humans and all living creatures can’t survive without water. The three essential parts to live are food, air and water. As the technology is getting better day by day, we can research on different planets. Scientist are working hard to research a suitable environment like world in whole solar system.

I think the most interesting image was titan lakes. I liked it because it got lakes. It can have living creatures there. It’s the moon of Saturn. It got weather. I think it’s very interesting and a heroic achievement by scientists. When we hear that it got landscapes, rainfall and weather, we start to think beyond our imagination. I am very proud that scientist started to research on mars. We found water and landscapes there. The machine which is called curiosity it is sending pictures of mars.

As the titan got rainfall and it has a solid state of water also. It has seas and lakes. I think that titan, the moon of Saturn, is the least hostile place for humans. It has a liquid methane water. Titan has I guess no water, but scientist think that in future life based on methane might support that humans can live there. I hope it comes true because nowadays population and pollution is increasing.

My personal view is that we can send people to live on mars and on titan in future. I meant because in future earth would be full of people and quantity of water and living areas would be less. As in the future there would be many circumstances of oxygen, water and food. Titan has landscapes, so I guess there might be erosion because it got water also. As the world is improving in technology, we can research more on other planets. God has given us with all the necessary things we need. We are thankful to our god. The purpose I chose this topic was because it can raise many points and it has natural resources like lakes, landscapes and rainfall.

I recommend this image because it holds natural source and can help us in future, if we have better technology in future. Titan moon of Saturn would consist life in future. In this topic I got a lot of things, which are being described in this essay for example population, pollution, facilities and resources. Scientist have been working very hard to get the information of every planet. They are searching on what it consists of, is there any support of human life or any living creature that could be living there. Scientist have to focus many things and I think it’s very hard. I appreciate how they work. I appreciate them on their heroic achievement. I will believe that in future there would be support of life. The amazing with new scientific things and with new technology. Best of luck for your next mission and for this one too. I believe that you will succeed.

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