A.R. Siva Piriyan

Year: 2018-19

A.R. Siva Piriyan

School: Springdale Public School

City: Punjai Puliampatti (Tamil Nadu)

Teacher: Dr. V.Mathivanan

"The 6thlargest moon of Saturn and its diameter is 504 Km. It is covered by fresh and clean ice and it was discovered in Aug 28, 1781 by British astronomer William Herschel. We know that the orbital period and length of a day is same 32.9 hours.

The moon Enceladus inspires me a lot because it has most of the chemical ingredients needed for life. For example, if we plant a tree in the ground, it requires sunlight, water, gases like carbon dioxide, minerals chemical ingredients and temperature. The icy moon Enceladus have water, gases like carbon dioxide, minerals and sunlight, but it gets only one percentage of sunlight are those which is very essential for the life to exist. If water is present in Enceladus, there must be Oxygen , because if the oxygen is not there, the water turns into hydrogen gas. If plants grow over there to its atmospheric condition with lesser sunlight, then we can discover many things in that moon.

We also know, there is tidal heating and hydrothermal vents under the ocean of Enceladus. There may be possibilities of having organisms growing in that area. So, we need to set up a space station to get more information clarified about the icy moon Enceladus.

We need to design DNA of an organism which can survive in the atmospheric condition of Enceladus. If it survives and reproduces in that atmospheric condition of Enceladus then it is a step to begin life in other planets.

There might be different types of minerals which are not found in our planet through which we could build a lab, so that we collect more information about the icy moon Enceladus. It has been discovered the hydrothermal vents which are spewing out hot, mineral rich water into its ocean which again gives us a reason that the temperature may be suitable for the life to exist.

So such type of favourable conditions which exist on icy moon Enceladus inspires me a lot and also makes it an interesting one. If a possibility is there means, I will prefer to return Enceladus for a discovery of a new era."

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