Mohammed Ayman and Ahmed Hassan

Year: 2018-19

Mohammed Ayman and Ahmed Hassan

School: Nada International School

Grade: 9

City: Al Ahsa

Target: Enceladus

We are pretty confident about the choice of the Enceladus moon for its different reasons and ability to be colonized by humans to find a planet to live in. It’s because, the other moons which were given as a choice were not capable of living. The temperature in the Enceladus moon is -201⁰C (-330⁰F) however, in other moons in Saturn which is Titan which has -179⁰C (Far colder than Antarctica) and Europa which is -160⁰C. However, the Enceladus moon is much easier to control its temperature.

The land of Enceladus is and icy surface and great bodies of ocean underneath it. However, two of the voyagers were investigating different moons and noticed that the Enceladus moon had a source of heat. In the Enceladus moon there are water jets from comparatively warm cracks which scientists informally called it the “tiger stripes”. The jets were supplied by a global ocean under the icy surface. However, these voyagers noticed an evidence of life. Scientists made different theories the two main were thePrimordial Soup Theoryand The Deep Sea Vent. The Primordial Soup Theory was that the origin of life occurred in a soup of organic material that came from non-biological sources. However, the Deep Sea Vent is about the beginning of all life on Earth might have applied to Enceladus.

The most important thing about any planet that we should visit is that to know the gravity of the planet. In the Enceladus moon the gravity is 0.113 m/s2, which is way much weaker than Earth’s gravity which is 9.87 m/s2. Although this gravity would lead a person to not be able to control themselves which is really danger because, if any of the human’s jump once they wolf float away. Also, the atmosphere in the Enceladus moon is one of the few moons/planets which actually has an atmosphere. It’s also appears that it has water vapour +surrounding which might be issued from the surface or the interior.

However, the other moons of Saturn like Titan it has an extreme weather conditions with natural disasters and extreme cold. The Titan moon has an atmosphere which doesn’t allow any solar power and not allowing the plants grow in the moon which means that there is no oxygen produced. In Europa there are even worse reasons not to visit it which are that the temperatures are much higher than the Titan. It also has a great amount of radiation due to Jupiter radiation belt. The gravity of the Europa is much less, than Titans and Enceladus that you being risked of being lost in space and it might cause damage to the people who go there due to the low bone and muscle density. In conclusion, the Enceladus moon is much better to be colonized by humans, as it will allow new life.

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