Mariana Sanglard Furtado e Carvalho

Mariana Sanglard Furtado e Carvalho

Grade: 7

Teacher: Ronei Nunes Carvalho

School: Escola do Futuro

City: Manhuaçu

State: Minas Gerais

Topic: Charon

The Discovery

Another day of hard work , Robert and I are trying to find out more about Pluto’s orbit around the sun.

- Don’t you see anything strange? – I ask.

- What ? – he inquieres.

- Pluto is different , more enlogated.

- How I didn’t realize it!

- Moreover it looks like something is moving around Pluto.

Looking through old Pluto articles, I realize that an unknown star was also present.

After hours of research I can see that it is a moon, that is, the first Pluto moon.

Artist's view of New Horizon and Charon
​The name was something that intrigued me. Which to choose? There are so many options. until a brilliant idea came to me: Charon. It was the perfect name, besides having the first four letters equal to my wife's name it is the name of the mythological boatman who carries souls across the river acheron, one of the five mythical rivers that surround the pluto underworld.

And this is the history of the Discovery of Charon , the first moon of Pluto.

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