R. Akshitha

Year: 2019-20

R. Akshitha

Grade: 5

School: Bannari Amman Vidya Niketan School

Teacher: Vijitha Santhosh

City: Sathyamangalam

Topic: Miranda

"Miranda is the 5th largest moon of Uranus. It is discovered by the astronomer Gerard P. Kuiper also named as Uranus V.

The most part of Miranda is covered with ice and some rocky material. I am inspired by the Miranda moon because it has the unique features of cliff, craters, tectonics and the two surface areas are alike. It is pollution free and may have a new variety of minerals.

Artist's view of Voyager 2 at Miranda
​Evidence says that, thickness proposes compounds of 60% water ice. Miranda's surface most part might be water ice, however most of the part is rockier than comparing moons in the Saturn. Proof says that heat from radioactive may have prompted inner separation, permitting silicate rock and natural mixes to settle inside. Just water has been distinguished so far on Miranda's surface, however it has been conjectured that methane, ammonia, carbon monoxide or nitrogen may likewise exist at very little amount.

On our earth, human beings are suffering from various types of viruses. These types of viruses kill large numbers of human beings as well as shut their regular life. I wish to send a robot to Miranda moon because the different types of minerals may be available in the moon, and it will help to find a medicine to cure the disease. Radiation to mosquitos may stop their reproduction. Similar way it is possible to control the reproduction of viruses in Miranda's environment. That medicine may be accepted by the human body, because it is covered with ice and tectonics. Also, to innovate the adaptable environment on the moon is to incubate humans from such kinds of diseases . It may have water because of ice coverage, so living possibilities are more. So, cure of disease using those minerals,environment is also possible.

Astronomers said it might not get to see the ice giants again until the late 30s or early 40s in the Uranus. Every planet is significant, the main factor will get those planets in a sensible measure of time. The change in the environment may give us the information regarding the formation of the solar system.

I wish to build a space station, research centre on the moon to find the various types of minerals available on the moon. I have a dream, to make a disease free era for living hood on the Earth."

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