Gabriel Lukes

Gabriel Lukes

Topic: Ariel

Today I will pitch why I believe that the moon Ariel would be the best moon to return to with another spacecraft one day. I will back up my position with these arguments. It is the only one of Uranus's moons that have produced carbon dioxide which is what people breathe out. Now this might mean that there is life on Ariel. And there are not many craters which means the terrain is easier to navigate through for humans.

Firstly it is the only one of Uranus’s moons that have been shown to produce carbon dioxide which could mean that there is a chance of there being life on Ariel. That would be the biggest discovery in the galaxy of all time. This is why Ariel is the best of Uranus’s moons to come back to for further research.


Furthermore there are less craters On riel then Titania or Oberon Uranus’s other moons. This would make it a lot easier for humans to navigate the surface of the moon and it would make it a lot easier for spacecraft to land on the surface of the moon safely and in one piece which would help out so much when trying to have a proper exploration of Ariel. This is why we should send our next spacecraft going to Uranus’s system to Ariel for further exploration.

To conclude I believe that the best of Uranus’s moons to go to and look further into its atmosphere and topography in case we may be able to live there in the future. This is because it could possibly have Alien lifeforms on it. And would be the easiest of the moons to travel to because it has less craters to navigate through. This is why we should look into Ariel for a place to live.

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