Lajla Besirevic

School: Gimnazija Bosanska Krupa

Teacher: Amna Dervisagic

Topic: Oberon

Space. Such a vast and cold place holds millions of curiosities and secrets. One of such curiosities is Oberon. Just as the other largest moons of Uranus, Oberon has characteristic landscapes, surface colours and so on. It's terrain being graced with craters, big and small and give me the impression that Oberon would surely be a great place for a lone soul to play music. I know this might sound strange but think about the sounds instruments would make in such an environment. The image of this moon radiates plenty energy to me, making me to think that such an activity would be interesting. The craters are not the only structures which giving this moon a magical feel to it. No, what makes it seem in such a way are it's surface colours and different structures as well. The mixture of ice and rocks gives this moon a special spiritual feeling. The idea of such harmony and duality truly looks to me even more magical. Like an ice kingdom which being "eaten up" by the strength of solid rock. Now if this doesn't make a movie worthy scene I don't know what does. Taking all of these facts into consideration one could say that Oberon might just, in some way, even reflect a person. A conflicted soul, lost in never ending space, bringing us in such thoughts.


So many questions, so many situations gone through. All of that leavening it's mark on it, on us. A crater, a worry; a mountain, an ego or problems; ice, hurt freezing us over; it colliding with rocks, challenges. Sounds very sad but that is the reality of space and life. But on the bright side, it is much easier to connect with a person rather than a satellite floating in space.

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