Mariam Mahmoud

Mariam Mahmoud

Grade: 9

School: Menese International School

City: Cairo

Topic: Titania

What is the planet that has only been visited once and is called an ice giant? If your answer is Uranus, then you are right. The dull cyan face of Uranus bears witnesses to the way it is submerged by a lot of clouds. Throughout the context of this essay, I will be talking about the moon "Titania" in specific.

Titania 312

According to the fact that Uranus and its moons were only visited once by Voyager 2 mission, that was launched by NASA, and based on my research about Titania, I learned that it is exposed to geological activities that can be directly related to gravity anomaly or asymmetry of the surface structure and material composition. Also, the study of the surface structure of Titania may reveal the real reasons behind the origins of its formation and all the information above will help us understand why it has weak gravity despite having a large size compared to other moons of Uranus. Consequently, if I can send a space shuttle, I would choose Titania because it sounds more interesting to me. The variation of the gravitational field in certain places on the surface of Titania due to geological activities and gravity anomaly may also raise a question about the chance of having a certain place with enough gravity to form liquid substances and environments for bacterial life to exist. That would also support NASA’s observation about the existence of frost on sun-facing valley walls.

In conclusion, the fact that Titania is geologically active raises many questions and imaginations in my mind, yet most of my thoughts are questioning about the possibility of finding any living organisms there or any signs of life or weird anomalies on the surface of the mysterious moon.

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