Rodaina Ahmed Morsy

Rodaina Ahmed Morsy

Grade: 6

School: Nozha Language School

City: Cairo

Topic: Ariel

While many views go for Titania and Oberon, as they are the two largest moons of Uranus and the oldest discovered and they may represent a good choice for the next trip for NASA, Ariel defends his position with more than one solid reasons and ability to be colonized by human beings to find a planet to live in. In this paper, I will explain these major reasons for those who want to reflect.


All of Uranus’ larger moons have oceans of water; this water is trapped under a thick icy crust. As water is the source of oxygen, food and fuel; it is our target. The question is how to get this water! Let's put some facts; among Uranus moons, Ariel has the most recent geologic activity; the smallest icy crust thickness and glaciers erupt from icy volcanoes which means water-ice is at -23 Fahrenheit. Let's think the cause is Ammonia which mixed with water. Ammonia raises the freezing point of the mixture and helps in erupting it to the surface. Still, we cannot use this because Ariel's crust is far colder. Considering Ariel's brightest surface which gains and loses heat quickly without thermal inertia, the target is maintaining heat.

Another fact is Ariel is the second closest satellite to its planet. It has a great deal of tidal force which generates internal friction and converted to thermal energy causing the icy water volcanos. It is keeping liquid water underneath the icy crust, but the fact that Ariel has the youngest surface compared to Titania and Oberon refers to the salty nature of this water. The major target is how to induct fuel from this salty water.

I am pretty confident that of the three moons, Ariel is the perfect choice for the next trip. Although these two challenges constitute obstacles to the selection of Ariel, they are the source of the strength of his position because we have what can remove these challenges. NASA will send VOYAGER_3 to fly in Ariel's orbit equipped with a GREENHOUSE that has special LENS to maintain and focus the heat. VOYAGER_3 will drop a probe to Ariel's surface carrying the GREENHOUSE with; 1) Visible light camera that can provide insight into any recent surface activity; 2) Magnetometer to search for salty subsurface oceans by identifying induced magnetic fields originating in theirs; 3) 'Brine Electrolyser Incorporates' to induct fuel from the salty water. All will land near poles to be installed automatically as soon as reaches the surface. Now we are observing and analyzing from the orbit; getting some surprises.

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