Amogh Ashok

Amogh Ashok

Grade: 5-6

School: Delhi World Public School

City: Bangalore

Topic: Ariel

As we know, innumerable trailblazing discoveries have been made in Space research, all that were amazing, some that were hair-raising, yet all are worth praising. The mysterious and bizarre moons of Uranus have filled me with numerous thoughts, making me leap beyond the boundaries of human exploration. After decades of experiments to explore the outer planets, with the best technologies embedded in the mighty probe Voyager-2, enabled it to unravel the mystery of the outer planets giving us immense aspiration of possibilities of discoveries on the outer planets.


Ariel is a particularly interesting Uranian moon due to it’s various topographical mysteries. Ariel has the brightest surface and it is in a tidal lock, which means that it keeps the same face towards Uranus as it orbits the planet.Though it’s difficult to explore much on such a distant moon; still, we could send space telescopes and probes. This will definitely increase our understanding about the outer planets.

One of the most mysterious canyon system on Ariel is Kachina Chiasmata. We don’t know how far it extends, because it might be partially submerged underground, but on the surface, it’s a staggering 622 km long. I feel that we should try to explore the other side, as we may find the rest of the canyon system, and it might help us discover the various other features of Ariel.

Provided with the pace of development of new pathbreaking inventions in astronomy which have unravelled a new world to mankind, I would wish to send a spacecraft to Ariel. This could be made possible with the Radioisotope Power System(RPS) technology. As RPS provides a steady supply of electricity for propulsion of the satellite, giving us a better scope for future discoveries on the outer planets.

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