Puneeta Bohra

Puneeta Bohra

Grade: 8

School: Neerja Modi School

City: Jaipur

Topic: Titania

You will weigh 26 times less if you are on Titania, the largest among the 27 moons of Uranus. This ‘near zero gravity’ natural satellite caught my interest by having the possibility of geological activity in past and thus more thrilling than Oberon & Ariel.

Interestingly Uranus’s entire moons orbit the planet on their sides and almost exactly in the planet’s equatorial plane, each of Titania’s poles spends 42 years (50% of Uranus’s orbital period around the Sun) in perpetual sunlight, and 42 years in perpetual darkness. This seems to be again a rare condition and attracts attention.

Titania 312

The crust of this eighth largest moon of our solar system seems to be rocky. Then there is an icy mantle over a rocky core. The unseen side might still be geologically active and much larger deposit of ice due to a possible longer absence of sunlight.

As per my knowledge, the geological actions are mainly caused by the magnetic power of core, power of gravity or atmospheric reasons. But on Titania, none of these are prominent. I am also thinking if it had lost it’s gravity due to some immense geological action. Maybe that geological action might have never taken place on earth and we might have no idea about it.

I would send a space craft on Titania to explore more about the surface and the inner structure. Since the gravity is very low with a negligible surface pressure, the lander will be operatable with ease and we can try to collect samples and bring them to earth as well. My focus will be on:

∙ The icy mantle.

∙ Frozen CO2 & Water Ice on surface.

∙ Signs of geological actions.

………Titania – I am Coming!

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