Hasti Eslami Haghighat

Hasti Eslami Haghighat

Grade: 8

Topic: Ariel

Each spot in the universe is full of mysteries and sometimes we should travel billions of kilometers away from the earth to the world of Shakespeare's characters to discover them. I want you to join me on Ariel’s trip.


Exploring Ariel is as interesting for me as reading Shakespeare's stories. I think sending a robot to Ariel can prove a lot of theories like the existence of the atmosphere because of carbon dioxide which is a great point because we don't have many planets or moons with this feature in the solar system.


We can use impact craters to help determine things about the surface as well as indications of where to look for materials of asteroids that might have pelted the surface of certain moons or planets and It helps because we can tell the timeline for many various things like the history of the planet.

All of Uranus' larger moons, including Ariel, are thought to consist mostly of roughly equal amounts of water ice and silicate rock. I think we must seek to design a probe with a drilling advantage because maybe we can find water on Ariel.

Ariel worth more attention and we have to look into Ariel closer because Ariel might be a lost piece of the puzzle of many questions about Uranus or even somewhere out of the solar system.

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