Yasaman Zahra Hedayatimehr

Yasaman Zahra Hedayatimehr

Grade: 8

School: Rahian fazilat High school

Teachers: Ms. Elham Naimi and Mr. Amirmahdi Hedayatimehr

City: Tehran

Topic: Oberon

Life on the moons of Uranus

In this article, I want to study and compare the three moons of Ariel, Titania and Oberon, and the purpose of this comparison is to choose the best moon for living.

Today, life in space has become an important issue for human survival, so research on planets and moons that can be live has increased so that we can live somewhere other than Earth so that if something happens to Earth, the human race will not perish.


To find out which moon has better conditions, we have to make a comparison among the three moons and the Earth. Among these three moons:

  1. Oberon with a temperature of 70 to 80 K has the most suitable temperature and is suitable in other respects as well.

  2. Titania and Oberon are both half ice and half rock, but Ariel is 40 to 50 percent ice, 30 to 40 percent silicate rocks, and 20 percent methane.

  3. Ariel is 190,000 km, Titania 436,000 km and Oberon 583,000 km from Uranus.

According to the first point, Oberon is a good option, but the second point is very important and makes Ariel a more suitable option, but the most important point is Uranus itself.

In Uranus, magnetic storms sometimes reach 465,000 kilometers on their sides, so they cover Ariel and Titania and cause destruction and disruptions, so Oberon is the best option.

One way to compensate for the lack of methane is to send a spacecraft to Ariel to bring methane to Oberon from there in the absence of a magnetic storm.

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