Dharmaraj kr Mahato

Dharmaraj kr Mahato

Grade: 12

School: Birgunj Public Collage

Topic: Ariel

NASA (National Aeronatics and Space Administration) is the only space research agency in the
world by which the probes created today hasr eached ininterstellar space which is Voyager 1
and Voyager 2 spacecrafts. NASA's main objective is to search for other creature in the universe
and convey our message to them and to find other planet for our future.


If we talk about Ariel, it is a small moon with equatorial diameter of 1159 km, Out of the 27
discovered moons of the Uranus that was discovered by William Lassell on 24 October 1851AD.
The mass of Ariel is 1.35×1021kg. Its average distance from Uranus is 1,91,625 km. Ariel is the
brightest and fourth largest of the moons of Uranus.

Just like the planet Uranus is the coldest planet in our solar system, similarly its moon is also
very cold. If we return with another spacecraft again at a reasonable time in the future, Ariel can
prove to be a good place. From Ariel we can learn about Uranus as well as some ot her moons of

The surface gravity of the Ariel is about 36 times less than our Earth that is 0.269m/s2and
this is too good for us.

The surface temperature of Ariel is -213°C which is very cold. We can also know how the
satellites of the gas giant planets are made because Ariel's surface shows sign of more recent
geological activity and appears to be the youngest of the all moons of Uranus.

According to what we have learned so far, apart from knowing the mysteries of the Universe, as
well as the Earth should be made inhabited in future, along with find another planet and we must
do it because 'home is always home'.

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