Gaurav Shriwastava

Gaurav Shriwastava

Grade: 12

School: Model Multiple Higher Secondary School

City: Janakpurdham

Topic: Titania

Titania is the largest moon of Uranus and the eight largest in Solar System. It is second farthest moon from the planet. It is dark and slightly red in colour and was discovered by a German born British astronomer Willaim Hersal in 1787. Titania is located at a distance of 2.732 billion km to Earth having radius of 805 km. It is believed that Titania is composed of equal part of rocks and ice. Its core might have cooled and have liquid ocean layer at the core mantle boundary after its surface cooled down. There is presence of frost and Carbon dioxide at the surface of Titania which suggest of having slightly seasonal atmosphere.

Titania 312

It is believed that Titania may have the presence of Organic compounds, Coal, resins, petroleum, etc on its surface. Crystalline water is found on its surface and Titania also have a network of crosssing small rift valleys. The temperature of Titania is approximately minus 334 Fahrenheit. Titania has weak gravity which may lead to the absence of gases like Methane and nitrogen. Titania has poorly known of thermal history which might trigger about the further information of internal structure of Titania. Various things have been found about Titania but a lot is still to be known. Having organic compounds and carbaceous matrials on its surface can make it more interesting and informative to search further about Titania. Titania is believed to be more similar to Oberon but there can be dissimilarities too. Search of Titania can be more reasonable and significant as it has a lot of mysteries still to be known and those mysteries can take us one step closer to the vast knowledge of universe.

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