Eliana Gabrielle Mojica Beltran

Eliana Gabrielle Mojica Beltran

Grade: 6

School: Pristine Private School

Topic: Oberon

"From the facts, I think we should definitely send a spaceship to Oberon. I am very positive that they would benefit all the scientists at NASA, the future generations, and the general wider world.

Number 1: To discover, observe and reinforce our understanding of this celestial body. From the brief sighting of Oberon from Voyager II, NASA can already pick some information out: that it has lots of craters (kudos to Shakespeare for their names), an icy climate and a reddish tone. Not much, right? Well, lucky for us, the spaceship visit can help here. You see, if we send it there, we would be able to zoom in the terrain and observe things we’ve never seen before, which can also explain and clear out any questions or doubts in our brains. Like, ‘why is the moon so cold?’, or ‘what is the reddish dust on it really made of?’ But even if they don’t get something, we can at least see better pics of it with the latest technology, which would be much clearer to see. It could reinforce our knowledge of this place, in a way that we can truly see that this celestial body is actually red all around.

Bonus reason (!): We can test all the latest new robots in its planned surrounding. From the get-go, this might be a crazy idea to send it to space. But besides the many landforms of planet Earth, Inchworm and RoboSimian need somewhere else to test their skills. And what better way than by testing them in the real battlefield? As a bonus, they can collect samples as they navigate over the snowy terrain, perfect for more scientific observation. We can get successful test results and explore undiscovered realms. Then perfect! So…are we back at Oberon?​"

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