Yumn Anjum Najeeb

Yumn Anjum Najeeb

Grade: 6

School: Pristine Private School

Topic: Oberon

The next moon landing could be on Oberon. I consider the next moon landing will be on Oberon the moon of Uranus. Oberon was discovered in 1707 little was known about this moon till voyager 2 passed during its flyby of Uranus in January 1986.Oberon is heavily cratered―similar to Umbriel―especially when compared to three other moons of Uranus: Ariel, Titania and Miranda. Oberon, the king of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream, is a powerful strong-willed character that believes he can do whatever he wants and who knows how to get his way. The surface is generally red in color, except for fresh impact deposits, which are neutral or slightly blue. Oberon is, in fact, the reddest among the major Uranus moons.


The Radius of Oberon approximately is 761.4 k and its Temperature about 70–80 K. The Average orbital speed of Oberon is 3.15 km/s (calculated) and the Surface area is about 7285000 km2. The person who discovered Oberon was William Herschel. William Herschel was 83 when he discovered Uranus. William Herschel on January 11, 1787; on the same day he discovered Uranus's largest moon, Titania .... In 1851 Lassell eventually numbered all four known satellites in order of their distance from the planet by Roman numerals, and since then Oberon has been designated Uranus IV. That is why I want the next assignment on the moon will be on Oberon because of all its curiosity.

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