Keira Roberts

Keira Roberts

Grade: 5

School: Benjamin Franklin Elementary School

Teacher: John Bower

City: Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Topic: Oberon

I think we should visit Oberon next instead of Ariel or Titania. It might be easier to find a landing spot with all of Oberon’s craters. It might also be easier to take core samples with it being heavily cratered and then we could study the unknown black substance lining the bottom of some of the craters. Lastly, Oberon may be geologically active.

I believe that it is important that we take core samples with a lander or rover like the rovers we currently have on other planets and moons so that we can find out more about how the solar system was created and about the chemical compounds that make up the planets, moons, and other deep space objects. Because of the craters it might even be easier to get a core sample. Also, it will be easier to see than on Titania because by the time we get there, Titania may be in one of its 42 years of complete darkness. Next, the mysterious black substance at the bottom of some of Oberon’s craters will be interesting to study. I really would like to test the theory of it being dirty water. It might even have ammonia in it keeping it from freezing, like in Titania’s mantle but it would be easier to take a sample of. This could be important to the formation of our solar system.

Lastly, I think that we should study how moonquakes and other natural hazards like landslides are on other planets or moons with different atmospheres and gravitational pulls. I would suggest bringing a seismometer to measure for moonquakes so we can find out the composition of the inside of Oberon. I think that we should send a lander, rover, or probe to Oberon for all these reasons.

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