Year: 2015-2016

School: Istek Ac badem Anatolia High School

Teacher: Burcu ÖZKIRIMLI

Grade: 10

City: Kad köy - Istanbul

Target: Rhea and Tethys

"As human beings, we are intrigued by the presence of things around us. We've been trying to discover and find accurate answers to the presence of things from the very beginning of our existence. The universe, by far, has been the most mysterious presence, waiting to be explored. It is crucial to take this very first step of observing it if we want to go further discovering what's beyond the truth we know.

Supporting this, my opinion is to go with Target 3, which consists of Rhea and Tethys being observed, the purpose being the comprehension of the unique characteristics of these two fascinating moons, which also have a place in mythology. Not only learning more about them, but also the data collected can be applied to further researches done in this content.
Tethys, which is also known as a Titaness in Greek mythology taking care of all creatures living in the waters such as dolphins and seals, is composed of mostly water ice, including a small amount of undefined dark substance, that is also found in some other moons of Saturn.

But, it is still unknown whether the moon's mantle shows the same properties. Also there are mysterious and unusual colorful markings on the surface of Tethys that leave us without clue. Where did those markings come from? How did they form? Why did they form? These questions are way too intriguing to be left unanswered.

Rhea too is known as a Titaness in Greek mythology, considered as the goddess of gods, but still not as efficient as the Titans above her. With that being said, the moon itself also consists of water ice, with an addition of rocks. Although this moon was observed and is thought to have a homogenous interior, there are still doubts about this issue.

What's more exciting is, that the possibility of this moon having a ring system is very likely due to Saturn's magnetic field having an impact on it. However, there are also doubts about this, for Cassini has stated there were no such evidence that could literally prove a formation of the ring system.

That's why, it is a great opportunity for us to observe Rhea and Tethys, since the two mysterious moons will be having an occultation in the near future, and, this will not only quicken the observation time, but it also will help us find answers to our questions and doubts in a shorter time.

The observations are always important for us human beings. So we must do whatever we can to reach out for them! The discoveries and the collected data will play great importance in taking another step into solving the mysteries of Saturn and its moons, and most importantly, the universe. The universe is a new ocean that needs to be looked out for, since you'll never know what you're going to find. "

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