Serine Eido

Year: 2018-19

Serine Eido

School: Makassed /Khaled Bin Al Walid/Horj

Grade: 6

City: Beirut

Teacher: Ghada Soboh

"Titan is the biggest moon of Saturn and the second natural satellite in the Solar System. Titan is the only moon known with a dense atmosphere, and it is the only object in space, other than planet Earth, where scientists found clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid.

Titan is the sixth gravitationally rounded moon from Saturn. This moon is the second biggest moon after Jupiter's moon Ganymede, and it is bigger than the smallest planet Mercury but only 40% as heavy.

Titan is mostly made of icy and rocky material. Much as with Space Age, the dense atmosphere restrained understanding of Titan's flat until the mission in before the 2004 provided new input.

The geologically young flat is generally smooth, with some impact crater, although mountains and many possible cryovolcanoes have been discovered.

The Titan’s atmosphere is mostly nitrogen; underage components lead to the constitution of clouds called methane and ethane and nitrogen-rich organic fog. The weather, including wind and rain, makes surface features almost like those of Earth, such as, rivers, lakes, seas, and deltas. Also, it is controlled by seasonal weather stable orbital island while huge Titan occupied or expelled bodies that made close approaches.

The moons of Jupiter and Saturn are made through condensation which is a similar process to that forming the planets in the Solar System. As the young gas giants formed, they were surrounded by discs of material that gradually fuse into moons. With its liquids, both surface and underground, and vigorous nitrogen aerosphere, Titan's methane cycle is comparable to Earth's hydrologic cycle at the much less temperature.

Titan rotates planet Saturn once every 15 days and 22 hours. Its rotational period is exactly the same as its orbital period. Because of that, there is a sub-Saturnian point on its flat, from which the planet would always look to hang straight overhead.

I chose this moon because it has an interesting color, more like neon colors, so I was totally interested about knowing more about it. Its smooth quality as well gave me the urge to know what made this moon so smooth. I hope my article stands with your needs."

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