Oriana Marín, Ivanna Fuenmayor, Colegio Mater Salvatoris, Jahd Risk
Contest: 2019-20

Oriana Marín, Ivanna Fuenmayor, Nicola Di Gaetano, Jahd Risk, Edmundo Finol, and Jose Finol

School: Santa Mariana de Jesús, Liceo Los Robles, and Colegio Mater Salvatoris

City: Maracaibo

Professor: Patrick Morton

Topic: Triton

"We chose Neptune's moon, because we found it very interesting and mysterious as it is the only large moon(up to now) that has retrograde orbit, besides, it is geologically active. Our orbital ship will be named "Zimsera". The instruments it will carry we suggest be a DCam-3 (Depoyable Camera), Star Trackers, NIRS3, Reentry Capsule, Minerva-ii-1, LIDAR, Minerva-ii-2, Sample Horn, Target Makers, Cam-H, Mascot, Onc-T, Magnetometer,Onc-W1 and Onc-W2.

Artist's view of Voyager 2 at Triton
In addition, the lander will have a heater, as the Moon is very cold. We would like you to explore the Moon’s geysers & volcanic vents to see if there is life within it,are there any other primitive species alive?, because aparently it has internal heat sources and it is composed of approximately 15-35% of ice water as we saw in Dr.Summers(*) video conferences.We question: Are there similar processs as in the moon Europe, we think that this satellite despite having somewhat extreme environments, are capable of sustaining life forms unknown to humans.This moon possesses terrains just as mysterious, intricate cryoscopic, tectonic and almost inexplicable terrain, such as Tanos Sulci; also known as the "melon shell" terrain, of which the origin is unknown but it is suspected(*) that it may have been caused by the rise and fall of nitrogen ice.We would like you to investigate further these lands and find a logical answer. Although it is now suspected that Triton was captured by Neptune's gravitational force(*), and had originally been a body of Kuiper's belt it is only a suspicion, not an official response. Although there are many more questions for this moon full of mysteries here concludes our essay. Thank you."

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