Elizabeth Barber Rodger

Elizabeth Barber Rodger

Topic: Titania

Titania, also known as Uranus ||| is one of the 27 moons that orbit Uranus. At a diameter of 1,578 kilometres, Titania is the largest of Uranus’s moons and the eighth largest moon in our solar system, 80% more massive than earths. The large moon is made of equal parts ice and rock. The core of the moon is rock while the mantle is made of ice. A layer of liquid water may be present at the core-mantle boundary. The surface of Titania, which is relatively dark and slightly red in colour, appears to have been shaped by impacts like meteors. Although titania is covered in great, icy canyons, it still does not have as many as Oberon, another moon that orbits Uranus.

Titania 312

If I were to go back to Titania, I would collect samples of the ice and rocks to study them and find out exactly what they are made of. I would also collect water samples from the core-mantle boundary to see if the water is drinkable. I would do the same thing with ice that I would melt down. If possible, I would send a robot down to the bottom of the canyons and see if there is anything interesting down there. I would take higher quality pictures as we have better technology now than we did last time we went. I believe this moon deserves a lot more research about it because of how interesting it is. Although I'm sure scientists are busy with the other 26 moons.

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