Esma Iclal Top and Semanur Kili

Esma Iclal Top and Semanur Kilic

Grade: 10

Teacher: Fatma TATLI ADAL


Topic: Oberon

"We support that Oberon, the second-darkest large moon of Uranus, is the best place to return with another spacecraft someday.

Firstly, Oberon's surface is directly struck by the solar wind since it spends a significant part of its orbit outside the Uranian magnetosphere. We think that the soil of the northern hemisphere may be rich in atomic nuclei due to the solar wind. These elements may prove useful resources for interstellar explorations. Additionally, an aurora may occur because of the solar wind and the wavelength of emitted light gives us information about the content of the wind.


Oberon has at least one mountain that’s about 6 kilometers tall and Oberon’s surface is the most heavily cratered amongst the Uranian moons. Accordingly, Oberon has the most ancient surface among them. In the context of this information, we believe that mountain and crater formation can also be observed in the northern hemisphere. Extensive research on the geological formation in this area may give us data about the formation of Oberon and even the cosmos. The nature of the dark material that covers some crater isn't known. We believe it exists in the northern hemisphere. This material may be an undiscovered element. So, chemical analyzes to be made on this material will provide advantageous data for humanity in terms of scientific studies.

Northern hemisphere investigations may enlighten us about the components of the unknown composition of the icy mantle. Considering that hydrothermal vents exist in the interior, it’s possible life could exist in small patches near the core.

By exploring Oberon, the farthest moon of Uranus, we can explore the edge of our solar system and beyond, expand technology, and create new industries. In Oberon maybe we can find the life we've been searching for. "

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