Azka Izzat Mohammed Rinoos

Grade: 6

School: Pristine Private School

Topic: Ariel

I think you should travel to Ariel. The MAIN reason I think this is because in Ariel (according to NASA) there has been detected carbon dioxide, indicating that there might be living organisms in Ariel. Some other reasons why I chose Ariel to be your destination and not Oberon or Titania is because; compared to Oberon and Titania, Ariel is the only one made of water ice and silicate rock, which might be more suitable for living since silicate rocks makes up about 95% of Earth's crust and upper mantle as well.

Ariel's surface appears to be the youngest from the rest of Uranus’ moons, which means there are chances that some type of new organism is living in it. Another reason why there might be life on Ariel is because Ariel is thought to have the most recent geological activities of Uranus' larger moons. Ariel's surface temperature rises and falls quickly as the sunlight comes and goes, concluding that Ariel might have a good environment for living as there might be different seasons, just like in Earth. Ariel also has some similarities to our moon such as keeping the same face toward Uranus/Earth. These are some of the reasons I would prefer you to go to Ariel rather than Oberon or Titania.

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